Be A Producer!

Thanks to the Internet, and the high quality tools available to almost anyone with a little money, producing your own amateur porn is easier than ever, although there are some things to consider before you shell out any dough.

First, you have to ask yourself why you want to produce porn in the first place.  Is it:

  • To get rich quick?
  • Make some extra spending money?
  • Just have fun?
  • Invest in a legitimate business with a future?

Depending on your answer to the question, there are different ways to go about producing porn.  Firstly, you must realize that there is no way to get rich quick in porn.  If you are not wiling to invest a good deal of money, time, sweat equity, and other resources into a porn studio, then you are most likely not download (2)going to get rich.  That said, it is possible to make a profit in the adult industry.

Competition is fierce, but if you have a good idea and some willpower, you can make it work.  It helps to have a few people you know who are willing to model for you, but even if you don’t, there are agents and scouts out there willing to help.  FCF Agency is just one.

If you are just interested in making some extra spending money, check out our article about using existing platforms such as XTube and Clips4Sale to make money off of your homemade porn.  You might also want to check out the Twitterverse and find some existing porn models and producers and chat with them about your goals and ideas.  You will find that everyone in the industry is pretty darn friendly!

If your goal is to have some fun with your extra spending money, there are certainly ways to do that by producing porn.  many companies are always looking for investors, even for particular titles or small niche websites.  If you have $1,000 or more to spend, then it isn’t really a far-fetched idea.  Pothos Media can get you in contact with studios looking for producers, or you can try sites like OffBeatr, a site like Kickstarter where you can raise money or invest in companies with similar goals.

If you want to make a serious go of it, then your approach should be like starting any other business, including legal and accounting concerns, physical space, equipment, and so on.  Keep in mind there are a few regulatory burdens on porn, such as the Federal 2257 Identification record-keeping laws.  For a free consultation on what it takes to start your own adult entertainment company from the ground up, contact us.  We have professionals who have started $1 million + companies who can give you a little advice.