Male Talent

Do you think you have what it takes to be a male model?  Here are a few things to consider:

Non-erotic, or mainstream, modeling usually pays little to nothing, so be prepared for lots of work and little monetary reward.  Often modeling arrangements are done by trading the models time and image for copies of the photos the photographer takes.  It is a good waymale talent 2, and the typical way, to build a portfolio.  Agencies abound promising great modeling gigs, but the fact is that any given guy, after countless hours of being photographed for free, will not be guaranteed anything interesting.  Even some big gigs, like for a billboard for a cell phone company, may pay $200 for mostly sitting around all day well into the evening.  The gas you spend getting to the gig may make it barely worth it.  That said, if you are an attention whore and love the fame and glory, then go for it!  

A great way to get started would be to check out Model Mayhem, a social networking site for talent and photographers.

If you are interested in erotic, or adult modeling, then the chances are easier to get paying gigs, and the different types of males that are actively sought for male adult modeling is much wider.  In particular demand are several different ages and body types:

  • Jock/Preppy (ages 18-25)
  • Very Fit/Bodybuilder (ages 18-35)
  • Young/Twink/Slim (ages 18-20)
  • Redneck/Inked (ages 18-25)
  • Average Joe (any age)

A few things to keep in mind about male adult modeling:

  • Usually the studio/photographer wants you to have natural looking body and pubic hair.
  • If you have a lot of tattoos, then it will be harder to find work.
  • It just may be that the best paying work will feature male models to a gay audience, which although it doesn’t imply you yourself are gay, you may want to have an open mind about who will be looking at your work.
  • As with any job, promptness, courtesy, and other seemingly obvious rules of behavior apply.  Believe it or not, there are thousands of guys each day looking for the exact same work, so you may be the 30th guy in line for any given gig.  Interpersonal skills help.