How Everyone in Webcamming Gets Paid

At each step of the way, people are working hard to make sure that revenue is increasing and everyone is happy, especially the customers and the performers.  Here is a breakdown of where the money a customer pays goes:

  • Affiliates (20-35%)
  • Websites (30-40%)
  • Banks (5-15%)
  • Studios  (10-20%)
  • Performers (15-21%)


Affiliates are website owners or even twitter account users who send traffic to the webcam site.  The usually work hard to promote the site and its webcam performers, and provide a very valuable service of sending Internet traffic.  For everyone who visits a webcam site, only perhaps one out of every hundred will actually open up a wallet and get out that credit card, so in order to be successful a website needs a huge amount of traffic.  This is where affiliates come in.  The trusted websites can send lots of potential customers, and they put in a lot of work by building up their own traffic and being very creative in promoting different webcam sites and performers.  The affiliates, however, don’t just do this for fun.  There are folks whose fulltime jobs are to create and send quality traffic to webcam sites like Flirt4Free.  And for their efforts they get a piece of the pie – without them we would all be making a lot less money.


There are many different website companies, one of the largest and most famous being Flirt4Free.  These sites have usually between 50 and 350+ employees whose jobs are to make the customer experience as easy as can be.  The jobs include technology and web programmers, marketing people, accountants, managers, and many other jobs that ensure as much traffic is brought to the site, stays on the site, and enjoys their experience.  Many of the bigger companies have been in business since the mid 1990s, and they have grown with the Internet itself.  They have a large customer base and good brand recognition, and this is what ends up helping the webcam performers make money.  They do most of the marketing and provide the customers directly to the performer, ready to pay for your services as a model.


Credit card companies, payment processors, and banks are an important part of the process.  Because credit card fraud and chargebacks can be a big headache for everyone involved, these financial institutions have set up over the years elaborate systems to detect and prevent these issues.  The last thing a performer or studio wants is to do a lot of work for a customer and then find out that they can’t get paid because the customer provided a fraudulent credit card number.  Processing payments and keeping crooks at bay takes time and money, too, so the credit card companies charge more to take on adult oriented payment, sometime several times higher than purchases at a convenience or clothing store, for example.


Webcam studios provide the right location and environment (or sometimes assist with working from home arrangements), expertise in the adult industry, and often times emotional as well as technical support for its performers.  Studios do their part by making sign-up easy, monitoring for potential abuse, often in charge of paying the performers, and providing a lot of marketing for their performers.  This can sometimes include photoshoots for images that a performer can use on his or her profile or Twitter, and most good studios would have lots of marketing connections to make sure their performers are successful.


Sometimes called models or talent, the webcam model is the star of the show.  The entire system of banks, affiliates, websites, and studios support the performers being connected with the customer so that the customers can be happy and the performers can get paid and provide quality webcam shows.  It is up to the performer to be the best she or he can be!